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Calgarians learn to winterize their homes

EcoLiving Winterization Workshop
November 17, 2012

The 2012 Winterization Workshop provided six participants with valuable information, hands-on skills and a winterization kit to get started with home winterization. Some of the comments from participants were:

Osaro – “The workshop was really informative. I learnt ways in which heating bills can be reduced through the various techniques. In addition, I learnt some preventative measures that can be taken to ensure that other heating devices work effectively.”

Wendy – “Excellent! Great information, Thank you so much.”

Deborah – “Great program, learnt alot. I would recommend this workshop to others.”

We have started a list of people who want to participate in another winterization workshop. Please contact us at if you want your name added.

3rd Annual Winterization Challenge a success!

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who helped make our Third Annual Winterization Challenge a huge success!

Totem Building Supplies (Bowness Branch)
ConocoPhillips Canada
Cheryl & Chris Algeo
Carol & Peter Tracey

2012 Winterization Challenge 2012 Winterization Challenge

Thank you to the 33 amazing volunteers who came from all over Calgary to help seniors in Bowness and Montgomery. Some of the senior’s comments:

Georgina – “We older people are quite helpless and don’t always have immediate family to support us. This project is a wonderful idea, and the volunteers were great.”

Inge – “I can’t believe this project exists. I think it is great. Many wonderful people came to my house to help me.”

Kay -”Very good work and very nice people. I would really like to have them back again.”

Linda – “Everyone went above and beyond my expectations. The volunteers were bright and cheery and did fantastic work.”

If you would like to participate in the project next year please contact us.

EcoLiving Winterization Workshop

EcoLiving Winterization Workshop
November 17, 2012 – 10:00am – noon
Bowness Community Hall

7904 – 43 Ave NW

Winterization Workshop 2011

Join us for a hands-on workshop that will give you many skills to winterize your home. This workshop includes: caulking and weather stripping, window treatments, furnace filters, product awareness for winterizing your home and more…

Cost: $20 per household (includes a starter winterization kit)
Register by email:

November 2012 Sustainability Book Club

The End of GrowthWednesday November 21, 2012

“The End of Growth” Jeff Rubin

Economist and resource analyst Jeff Rubin is certain that the world’s governments are getting it wrong. Instead of moving us toward economic recovery, measures being taken around the globe right now are digging us into a deeper hole. Both politicians and economists are missing the fact that the real engine of economic growth has always been cheap, abundant fuel and resources. But that era is over. The end of cheap oil, Rubin argues, signals the end of growth–and the end of easy answers to renewing prosperity.

The Calgary Sustainability Book Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month, 6:30pm at Pages Books, 1135 Kensington Rd NW. View the complete book title list for the 2012-13 season here (PDF).

Sponsored by: Pages Bookstore, Sustainable Calgary, The Arusha Centre, Sierra Club–Chinook Chapter, EcoLiving Events, Green Calgary, Thrive, and now REAP and the Sierra Club-Chinook Group

For information contact: or

The City of Calgary Proclaims November 3 “Winterization Day in Calgary”

EcoLiving Winterization Challenge – November 3, 2012

Proclamation - Home Winterization Day

The third annual EcoLiving Winterization Challenge will take place in Bowness and Montgomery on November 3 (9am-2pm). The ten houses that will be winterized are all owned by seniors or single parents who cannot do the work themselves. Volunteers will meet at the Bowness Community Centre 7904-43 Ave NW (second level) at 9:00am and will be at their assigned houses at 11:00am.

Everyone benefits from this initiative;

  • Teams learn how to winterize a home, help homeowners reduce their utility bills and save our natural resources, and they are recognized for their good work.
  • Homeowners (mostly seniors) are given a free home winterization that will make their home more comfortable in the cold winter months with lower utility bills.

Everyone involved will return to the Bowness Sportsplex after the Winterization Challenge (between 12:30-1:00pm) for lunch and will talk about their experience with this project.

Get Your Home the Best Care It Needs

As soon as you get to become a homeowner you eventually realize that sometimes it gets a bit difficult to figure out just how to keep everything together through the many years that you get to reside in your home, which is why these days details from home design and structure, to home owners protection even home developments are a just some of the various aspects that are taken into priority and consideration. The opportunity of keeping up with all the necessary home details you need is a task that you should get to master through some of these easy tips and tricks below.

Refer to Professional Help

From the beginning of your home building up to the day you eventually decide on renovations or further home developments, making certain to look for the best people to do the job for you is a great way to ensure that your home will keep its best structure and features for a better time. Keeping that full roster of professional and expert personnel to help you with all your home needs is a great way to also get your mind off of any level of worry and fears when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your entire household.

Increase And Gain Knowledge

It would not be everyday that you get the chance to refer and have your chosen home experts to come and visit you especially when it seems that the troubles you need to resolve are not too much of a hassle or effort to work with, so ensuring that you too are capable of immediate work can make a great impact for your home care. Be certain to have a go and learn on your own some of the necessary systems within your home like going through some of the easy maintenances and troubleshooting, even the usual home changes, so that you get a better feel on your continually changing home.

Get Into The Work

These days a lot of homeowners also share in the task of ensuring the care of their homes themselves with a lot of trending tasks and techniques that yield amazing results even through just the sheer effort given, with so many do-it-yourself projects that have come up for many home designs and structures. Take the time to figure some of these different home challenges and see if there are some you can get to work with on your own, this way you get to figure out just home each area and portion of your home works and how to deal with any troubles along the way.

Take Immediate Action

When it comes to your home always making it a habit of resolving any issues and trouble as soon as possible will always be the best step to consider especially when you want to keep up with addressing the care you need for your entire household. The scope to which all other parts of your house can become affected when you do not take corrective action to issues like electrical line faults, plumbing troubles and other possible hazards does not only affect your home structure but can also greatly affect you.

Prepare For The Future

Enabling your home with enough ways and means to be able to maintain and keep everything stable for years to come also needs the necessary planning and luckily enough there are businesses that help you resolve these issues. Going to different providers and looking to the possibility of several policies and plans can also garner you a great chance of ensuring that your home can and will be kept with great care for years to come.